Our mission is to integrate the potentials of science and business in order to create innovative solutions supporting all participants of healthcare system.


Contribute the future of healthcare system on each level: public system organization, scientific research and patient support.


We strongly believe, that it is possible to develop the healthcare system in which its results and achievements - scientific, technological, financial and organisational are commonly shared between all participants of the system

Areas of expertise

1. Design and implementation of original, innovative qualitative and quantitative research in the field of social, health and management sciences.

2. Strategic, substantive and organisational support for research teams implementing innovative research in healthcare area and related sciences.

3. Scientific and research consultancy in the area of EBM, health policy, medical communication, and the organisation and economics of the healthcare system.

4. Creating business and operational models and strategies, as well as optimising processes to ensure commercial success for research and project results. Project management methodologies for healthcare industry.

5. Ensuring the quality of key elements of the scientific process – methodology, reporting and the verification and dissemination of results.

6. Expert opinions in the field of psychiatry and clinical neuroscience (Evidence-Based Mental Health), with particular emphasis on perinatal mental disorders (including postpartum depression), pharmacological treatment for people with mental disorders, ADHD in adults, and bipolar disorders (including depression and bipolar affective disorder).

7. Expert analysis and reports in area of quality measurments and system organization for oncological treatment and suport worldwide.


Zdrowie 2025 (Health 2025) was created to fill the significant gap between the practice of non-governmental organisations, research institutions and commercial enterprises that focus on health issues.

We offer our knowledge and unique expert facilities to scientific units, NGOs, health-protection corporations, and public entities.

We’re a group of researchers, scientists and business practicioners with exceptional skills; we base our work on proven tools and methodologies allowing us to carry out interdisciplinary research and projects focused on ensuring the best quality and success of the entire scientific research process and related projects.

We’re also a platform that gives scientists and researchers access to organisational and operational skills for effective development and implementation of innovative concepts; this is done by providing support in project management and optimisation, as well as the possibility of obtaining additional sources of funding for ideas, and successfully introducing research results to the market using appropriate business models and sales strategies.

Our motto is ‘expanding research’, which means the following types of measures and projects:

Interdisciplinary – our team consists of scientists (biomedicine, EBM, sociology, psychology, bioethics, and communication in medicine) and business consultants providing a multidimensional approach to all challenges in the world of science and business.

International – we believe in the power of international research networks.

Directly useful – the results of research and projects should reach the people and organisations that need them.





Areas of expertise






Team members and external experts

Łukasz Andrzejewski


Anna Chrzęst