The presented health policy report is s an attempt to highlight an important, although still underestimated area of ​​public policies in Poland. Health does not mean only somatic, mental and social well-being, but it is also a special context that highlights the basic tensions, deficits and paradoxes of public life. During the sickness, the patient not only needs professional help, but his condition verifies the key mechanisms of the functioning of the state. 

Similarly, politics is more than just an art of gaining and the ability to exercise power. It is a kind of language that both describes and has the power to change the space of social life. In the health policy report – contrary to the prevailing studies – it is not only one of many public policies, helpful in the formal management of the health care system. Health policy is above all a commitment that, while developing the health care system, we constantly reduce the distance between a sick minority and a strong and dominant majority.

Report is currently available in Polish version only.