On 21st of July 2018 we were pleased to host the strategic seminar “Health 2025” with the objective to present and discuss in the inter-disciplinary panel the most significant changes and trends facing the local and international healthcare sector in the coming years.

Particpants had the unique opportunity to learn form expertise and experience of invited speakers presenting the development scenerios for following areas:

  •  „Health policy 2025 – imagine the future” – Łukasz Andrzejewski, PhD
  •  „Health of polish population in comparison to other european countries – current balance and perspectives” – Joanna Didkowska PhD, Urszula Wojciechowska PhD
  • „Communication and social skills in medicine – known and coming challanges” – Antonina Doroszewska PhD
  •  „Trends in terapeutic paradigms” – Rafał Jaeschke PhD
  • „ Psychiatry – current directions of development” – Rafał Jaeschke PhD

All publiations will be available in the Publications section.